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Ultraviolet–visible spectroscopy
UV/Vis spectroscopy is routinely used in analytical chemistry for the quantitative determination of different analytes, such as transition metal ions, highly conjugated organic compounds, and biological macromolecules.Spectroscopic analysis is commonly carried
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Ultraviolet-Visible (UV-Vis) Spectroscopy
Unleash the power of your UV/Vis and UV/Vis/NIR spectrophotometers with software designed for operational simplicity and the power to address the most challenging analyses. Our Enhanced Security ™ (ES) software versions are designed for busy pharmaceutical, manufacturing, industrial, food, or academic laboratories in regulated environments that require compliance with US FDA 21 CFR Part …
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UV Visible Spectrometer (UV VIS Spectrometer)
UV VIS spectroscopy is a powerful analytical chemistry technique for determining concentration of analytes in a sample and tracking chemical reactions. When purchasing a UV Visible spectrometer, it is important to consider the instrument’s wavelength range, the lamp’s lifetime, the image capture system and software, the resolution, and the amount of sample that is needed for input.
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UV VIS Spectrophotometer
UV VIS Spectrophotometer As their name implies, ultraviolet visible spectrophotometers (often referred to as a UV Vis spectrophotometer or just a UV spectrophotometer) quantify the optical properties of samples in the ultraviolet and visible wavelength ranges of light (typically 190 to 900/1100 nm).
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UV-Vis detectors
UV-Vis detectors – Multi-wavelength and scan collection – 200 – 400 nm and 200 – 800 nm (UVextended-Pack). The UV detectors, which are fully integrated in the collection module, are controlled by the InterSoft X software.
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Evolution of UV-Vis Spectrophotometers
UV-Vis analysis of solid samples and materials continues to grow in areas such as solar cell research, semiconductor products, and coating materials. Advances in light sources will provide new developments in conventional spectrophotometers and handheld
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Using Spectrophotometer To Determine …

Cuvette Based UV/VIS Spectroscopy An innovative single beam array spectrophotometer for the UV/VIS range has been developed by Mettler Toledo. The light source consists of a Xenon flash lamp for the ultraviolet (UV) as well as for the visible (VIS) and near-infrared wavelength regions covering a spectral range from 190 up to 1100 nm.
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UV-Vis Quote Request
UV-Vis/Vis Instrumentation – Consult/Quote Request Let our experts guide you to the perfect solution for UV-Vis/Vis instrumentation. If you know which product you’re interested in, please let us know, otherwise we are here to help!
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PowerMax-USB UV/VIS Power Sensors
 · PDF 檔案PowerMax-USB UV/VIS Power Sensors High-Sensitivity Laser Power Sensor with USB Interface The PowerMax-USB UV/VIS Quantum sensors incorporate a Silicon photodiode, for measurement of power from 5 μW to several hundred milliwatts (see chart for
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可見光光譜儀 VIS 紫外分光光度計 UV Vis 分光測色儀 Colorimeter X射線光譜儀 X-ray 核磁共振儀 NMR MRI 元素分析儀 Elemental 層析儀 GC HPLC 熱分析儀 Thermal Analyzer 流體吸附儀 Fluid Sorption 材料物性與粒徑 Mechanic 食品飼料分析設備 Food
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UV-Vis measurement
UV-Vis은 자외선과 가시선 파장대의 흡광도를 측정할 수 있고 각각에 해당하는 두 가지 광원으로 구성되어 있습니다. – UV (자외선) 영역: Deuterium 중수소램프 – Visible (가시광선) 영역: Tungsten 텅스텐 램프 2) 큐벳 (cuvett) 선택 큐벳을 선택할 때, 두 가지 고려
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 · (UV-VIS)即紫外可見分光光度計。中文名稱,ultraviolet and visible spectrophotometer 定義,紫外-可見分光光度計 英文名稱,波長范圍在紫外,光學儀器(二級學科),機械工程(一級學科),可見輻射區的分光光度計。 應用學科,比爾(Beer)參考了布給爾(Bouguer)1729年和朗
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All accessories for UV-VIS Spectrometer
All accessories for UV-VIS Spectrometer Specular reflectance 鏡面反射裝置 Fixed 12.5 , 22.5 , 30 , 45 , or 60 incident angle. Other angles available on special order. 了解更多 Brewster’s Angle Holder 0-180度可旋轉入射角樣品架
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UV-VIS-NIR fibered spectrometer

The VIS-NIR-FIB offers a better efficiency the range 350-1000nm, while the UV-VIS is ratehr optimized for the UV but has lower performance in the VIS range. if UV is not needed, we recommend strongly to choose the VIS-NIR-FIB spectrometer option which
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UV/VIS Spectrophotometer
UV/VIS Spectrophotometer measures the light flux difference before and after passing the sample, according to the amount of the light is absorbed by the liquid sample, one can measure characteristics of the sample. ACTTR Technology brought to you the bes