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當抵達 Genicuate ganglion 時,大約在 Middle ear 的上外側方,然後再往下行, 1. The facial nerve travels through the facial canal, eventually exiting the skull at the stylomastoid foramen. 2. Bell’s palsy can result from inflammation of the facial nerve where it leaves the skull at the
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Stylomastoid foramen
Define stylomastoid foramen. stylomastoid foramen synonyms, stylomastoid foramen pronunciation, stylomastoid foramen translation, English dictionary definition of stylomastoid foramen. n. pl. fo·ram·i·na or fo·ra·mens An opening or orifice, as in a bone or in the covering of the ovule of a plant. fo·ram′i·nal , fo·ram′i·nous adj.
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World Journal of Surgical Oncology BioMed Central Research Open Access The stylomastoid artery as an anatomical landmark to the facial nerve during parotid surgery: a clinico-anatomic study Tahwinder Upile*1,2,3,4, Waseem Jerjes3,4,5, Seyed Ahmad Reza Nouraei2, Sandeep U Singh2, Panagiotis Kafas6, Ann Sandison7, Holger Sudhoff8 and Colin Hopper3,4,5 Address: 1Department of …
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Between the styloid and mastoid processes of the temporal bone is the stylomastoid foramen It is the termination of the facial canal, and transmits the facial nerve and stylomastoid artery. (en) Le foramen stylo-mastoidien est un orifice symétrique du dessous de crâne humain : c’est le débouché du canal facial traversant l’os temporal.
,從 Stylomastoid foramen 穿出顱骨。 1.
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The Nerve to the Stapedius (n. stapedius; tympanic branch) arises opposite the pyramidal eminence (page 1042); it passes through a small canal in this eminence to reach the muscle. FIG.790– The nerves of the scalp, face, and side of neck. The Chorda Tympani Nerve is given off from the facial as it passes downward behind the tympanic cavity, about 6 mm. from the stylomastoid foramen.
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 · Motor root 2. Nervus intermedius Both join at internal auditory canal to form common facial nerve 23/7/2016 8 9. Intratemporal Segments • From IAC to stylomastoid foramen • Length – 28 to 30 mm • Longest bony canal • Three segments by 2 genus 23/7/2016
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Exit of facial nerve from the skull?
Facial nerve exits the pons and enters the internal acoustic meatus along with acoustic nerve. After traversing a short distance in the facial canal, facial nerve exits the skull via stylomastoid foramen and subdivides to supply the facial muscles.
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The stylomastoid artery from the posterior auricular artery ascends via the stylomastoid foramen to supply the mastoid segment. 5 It anastomoses with the petrosal artery in the tympanic segment of the facial nerve…
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The facial nerve continues traveling through the facial canal, eventually exiting the skull at the stylomastoid foramen. Function The internal auditory meatus provides a passage through which the vestibulocochlear nerve (CN VIII), the facial nerve (CN VII), and the labyrinthine artery (an internal auditory branch of the basilar artery ) can pass from inside the skull to structures of the inner
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Stylomastoid foramen
Bell’s palsy can result from inflammation of the facial nerve where it leaves the skull at the stylomastoid foramen. Patients with Bell’s palsy appear with facial drooping on the affected side. Additional images
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Anatomy and Pathology of the Facial Nerve

 · PDF 檔案facial nerve, and stylomastoid foramen. Be-yond this level, the extracranial segment and its branches are best evaluated on MRI with coverage of the parotid glands. Congenital The first and second branchial arches and first pharyngeal pouch develop concurrent
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Facial Nerve: Vascular-Related Anatomy at the …

We dissected 30 facial nerves in fresh cadavers after arterial casting with red latex to provide specific information about the arterial-related anatomy of the trunk of the facial nerve
Identify the following foramina on the external surface: -Stylomastoid foramen -Ovale foramen -Spinosum foramen … | Facial nerve
Facial nerve: Origin, function, branches and anatomy
 · The facial nerve exits skull via stylomastoid foramen; nearby, it gives off the posterior auricular nerve which is meant to supply the occipital belly of the occipitofrontalis muscle and some of the auricular muscles, and nerves to the posterior belly of the digastric .
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The facial nerve arises at the stylomastoid foramen giving branches to the posterior belly of the digastric muscle, stylohyoid, and posterior auricular nerve. It than pierces the parotid gland and gives rise to five branches Cervical, Buccal, Zygomatic, Temporal and Marginal Mandibular
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而 Facial nerve 仍在 Internal acoustic meatus 中繼續向前並微向外側走