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不喝酒的時候喝什麼?全球首款無酒精蒸餾飲 Seedlip 來臺與 …

Seedlip 品牌力超強 Ben Branson 愛豌豆成癡,也是他手指節上的刺 最棒的食材,家族種豌豆已有八十年歷史,他再以最講究的技術將之精煉。起初一個「當你不喝酒要喝什麼」(what to drink when you’re not drinking
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Seedlip is the ideal non-alcohol gin alternative and can be enjoyed with tonic or soda for a classic drink or made into sophisticated non-alcoholic cocktails. Inspired by the 1651 publication on distilled non-alcoholic remedies ‘The Art of Distillation’, Seedlip is a pioneer in the non-alcoholic spirits space.
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Seedlip Drinks, Los Angeles, California. 44,466 likes · 2,652 talking about this. What-To-Drink-When-You’re-Not-Drinking. The World’s First Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirits. Learn more about us!
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Seedlip very efficiently and effectively solves the problem of “what to drink when you’re not drinking.” If you simply do not enjoy alcohol or need a break from alcohol while still enjoying socializing, you might really enjoy Seedlip’s drinks.
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Shop the Seedlip Drink and more Anthropologie at Anthropologie. Read reviews, compare styles and more. SPICE: Distilled non-alcoholic spirit Earthy, woody aromas Made from six carefully selected botanicals and spices Clove, lemon and cardamom on the palate
Seedlip - What to drink when you're not drinking. | A Conscious Collection

Seedlip Drinks

Seedlip puede contener trazas de alcohol (ABV: <0,5 %) si se toma sin mezclar o rebajar. Lo más común es mezclar Seedlip con tónica. Si se rebaja con tónica y se siguen las cantidades recomendadas para servir, el nivel de alcohol del producto es comparable al del zumo de naranja o de manzana.
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 · How Seedlip’s founder Ben Branson out-foxed the market with the world’s first “non-alcoholic spirit”. This is Diageo’s first non-alcoholic product and seen as a game-changer for the
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Since its launch in 2015 Seedlip has continued to pioneer with launches including Æcorn drinks, N o l o Bar, The Seedlip Cocktail Book, A Seedlip General Store, & the world’s first NOgroni . The ‘Drink to the Future’ campaign will launch on 13th January in London and Manchester, across rail, underground, buses, billboards and digital.
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Seedlip Garden 108 – Für den „Teatime Cooler“ Cocktail benötigen Sie 50ml des bei uns im Shop erhältlichen Seedlip Garden 108, 100ml kalten Grüntee und Rhabarber Sirup. Um den Rhabarber Syrup herzustellen, müssen Sie einen Strauch Rhabarber, mit Zitronensaft aus einer Zitrone, 500ml heißes Wasser und 500gr Puderzucker vermischen.
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46.9k Followers, 4,118 Following, 306 Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from Seedlip North America (@seedlip_na) Seedlip North America Nature Company. The World’s First Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirits.. What to Drink When You’re Not Drinking®
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Seedlip Drinks. 49,262 likes · 719 talking about this. The World’s First Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirits. Solving the dilemma of what to drink when you’re not drinking.
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I think Seedlip was the first non-alcoholic spirit or gins that came about at the time when people were beginning to seek out new alternatives in the world that’s tough where you are looking to find other things to drink that are non alcoholic.
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Seedlip provides a spirit that you’re able to use as the base of your drink and therefore fits in the same space as an alcoholic ingredient. It provides a sophisticated flavor profile that would hold up in any cocktail, and we’ve seen some amazing bartenders embrace Seedlip in Hong Kong and create some incredible drinks.
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For those who love to enjoy Seedlip out & about. Our Seedlip spirits are each blended to perfection with our bespoke tonic to create a ready-to-drink Seedlip & Tonic in a handy-sized can. Enjoy straight from the fridge or pour over ice & garnish. Vol:
,豌豆是 Garden 108 的主材料