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安裝Docker并提速 文章轉自恩山原地址,下載會變快很多。
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Sub-5Mbps on Gige with 4.16.0-rc3 on RK3328 / Rock64 · …

USB3 performs fine. Ethernet is crippled. Ethtool doesn’t indicate an issue. [email protected]:~# uname -a Linux rock64 4.16.0-rc3-rk3328 #6 SMP Wed Mar 28 20:05:25 CEST 2018 aarch64 GNU/Linux —–
THE testing thread - Page 3 - Armbian build framework - Armbian forum
Running a DigiByte Full Node on a Pine64 Rock64
First step Choose your OS, at this stage, you’ll have to select “Rock64 -v3/v2 and Armbian Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Desktop(Rock64 mciroSD / eMMC). If you want to play more easily with your Rock64 I recommend you to choose the desktop edition and not the minimal one.
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NextcloudPi on a Rock64
I have successfully gotten NCP installed on a Rock64 board. I am using the March 26th nightly of Armbian Stretch. I use the NCP install shell script on a vanilla install of Armbian. I have logged into the Nextcloud Web interface and created a user. I have also logged into the NCP Web console. I still need to configure NCP and get it all set up. I have an existing instance of NCP on a RPi that
Rockpro64 pcie kernel delay
Home Community forums Common issues / peer to peer technical support Rockpro64 pcie kernel delay
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Rock64 ARM Single Board Computer
On booting Armbian (at least version 5.75), realized each core was running at 1.39Ghz instead of the advertised 1.5Ghz. The following are the steps to steps to tweak Rock64 to run at the desired clock speed: Determine the release/version of the
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How To: Set Up Pi-Hole on a Rock64
I will be using a PC with WSL2 installed. Linux and Mac users should have no trouble following along because I will be using bash for ssh’ing into the Rock64 when set up. Step 1 – Install Armbian OS: First, download the latest version of Armbian Focal here: )

mainline kernel + Rock64 GbE · Issue #1025 · …

aka #916 Contd. Armbian_5.46.180611_Rock64_Ubuntu_bionic_dev_4.17.0-rc6.7z on a rock64 4gb the situation is somewhat improved. [email protected]:~# iperf -s —– Server

[AR-373] Rock64 no HDMI (must be unplugged)
I do not know where it comes from as we do not have “BLACKLIST_MODULE*” variables set in board config for rock64 and when I built my own images the file wasn’t there. If I blacklisted lima in self-made images it also worked without replug at the time of those tests.
Issue after restoring disk image on Rock64 - Rockchip 3288 & 3328 - Armbian forum

Deploying a full IOTA node on a ROCK64 4GB ARM64 …

I chose to buy the Rock64. It had promissing specs, and was cheap as well. So, my goal was set: Run a full IOTA node on a Rock64 device. This tutorial is based on a tutorial written by yillkid.
Rock64にarmbian Xenialをインストール | 日記というほどでも
 · Good morning.I’ve got a Rock 64 and like to put OMV onto on SD card (no EMC).I did install it 2 years ago, works well but starts to bug.I tried to instal new build.I do not succeed.I’m looking for a complet pack to instal via “balenaEtcher” but none…
Rock64でコンパクトなNASを構築 OpenMediaVault

Installing OMV5 on Raspberry PI’s, Armbian SBC’s, & …

Installing OMV5 on Armbian Buster → Wiki or PDF (Applies to most popular SBC models, the Odriods, Rock64, Renegade, NanoPi, BananaPi and several others.) Installing OMV5 on i386, 32-bit, platforms → Wiki or PDF **This process can be also used as

How to install Armbian Debian on an Orange Pi Zero – …

 · For those who don’t know, Armbian is a Debian or Ubuntu based Operating System for ARM single board computers. It is supported on board such as Orange Pi One, Orange Pi Zero, NanoPi Neo, Rock64, Pine64, Tinker Board, Banana Pi and many others. It is like

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Armbian 20.02 (Chiru) is our first quarterly release under our new model. We experienced a few of growing pains during the process, but we are confident this will lead to more predictable releases. Notable enhancements: include 5.4.y kernel for most boards, ready for future upstream releases such as Bullseye and Focal, Docker build improvements, Rockchip 3399 stability improvements
Set MAC addresses for Rock64 from armbianEnv.txt · armbian/build@d5c6bf6 · GitHub
CentOS for Pine64, Rock64 and Rock64pro – Flashes a MicroSD Card with a Centos RootFS and an Armbian UBoot&Kernel 22 stars 3 forks
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聯想粒子礦云/我家云OMV(Open Media Vault) …

N1刷入Armbian后換軟件源, N1刷入Armbian 網絡環境所限,在使用Armbian的時候經常下載軟件出問題,所以找來了國內的源