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 · Hi John, Thanks for posting here. >can we change the RADIUS Authentication Port to a custom port ? what about accounting port ? Yes, we can change to use other ports instead the default settingsfor both RADIUS Authentication and Accounting purposes, just make sure that NPS and your access server are configured to use the same ones.
How to Configure Internal RADIUS Server in DrayTek Routers – DrayTek FAQ
Manage RADIUS Servers
The UDP port number (1-65535) on the RADIUS server to which the Extreme Management Center server or ExtremeControl engine sends authentication requests; 1812 is the default port number. NOTE: If you are enforcing to an ExtremeControl engine for an Extreme Management Center version prior to Version 8.5, you must use different ports to configure UDP Auth. and Accounting.
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Configure MFA for a RADIUS Client
In the RADIUS section, in the Port text box, type the port number for the RADIUS client to use to communicate with the Gateway (RADIUS server). The default Gateway ports are 1812 and 1645. If you already have a RADIUS server installed that uses port 1812 or 1645, you must use a different port to communicate with the Gateway.
Manage RADIUS Servers

Configuring Authentication with a RADIUS Server

Specify the authentication port value for the RADIUS server. Default port number: 1812, 1645 (legacy servers) NAS-IP-Address Specify the NAS IP address. NOTE: If you leave this field empty, the internal IP address is passed to RADIUS requests.
How to Configure Internal RADIUS Server in DrayTek Routers – DrayTek FAQ
How to Use QNAP NAS as a RADIUS Server?
 · The number of RADIUS users the NAS supports is the same as the maximum number of users supported. Server Port: 1812 (Default port of Radius authentication). Connection Secret: Enter the secret key that was set in “RADIUS Server” > “RADIUS Clients”.
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Some other implementations use UDP port 1645 for RADIUS authentication messages and UDP port 1646 for RADIUS accounting TACACS+ is another AAA protocol. TACACS+ was developed by Cisco from TACACS (Terminal Access Controller Access-Control System, developed in 1984 for the U.S Department of Defense).

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Copy the Cloud RADIUS information and paste it back into your Access Point Provider under RADIUS Servers, click the green link to Add a server Enter in the Primary IP Address, Port Number, Shared Secret respectively You will need to perform the same steps
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Radius Server Port Config on 3750V2
hi all, i’m trying to configure the line below on a 3750V2 but the switch doesn’t accept it. i could see the 3560 supports this command. is there an alternate command for the 3750 similar to the one seen on a 3560? 3750V2(config)#radius-server
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RADIUS Authentication and Accounting

 · PDF 檔案• Number of Login Attempts: This is an aaa authentication command. It controls how many times in one session a RADIUS client (as well as clients using other forms of access) can try to log in with the correct
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The connection is established and then after a timeout, it is closed which means ping is successful. Ping Remote Port with PowerShell Test-NetConnection PowerShell provides cmdlets for different purposes. Test-NetConnection is a cmdlet that is used to test the remote specific port connection by providing the remote host and port number with the option -port.
Configure MFA for a RADIUS Client
Add RADIUS authentication server
Navigate to System > Authentication. Select the RADIUS tab and then click Add. On the Create RADIUS Server page, specify the following parameters: Name – Specify a RADIUS server name Server Name / IP address – Specify the RADIUS server IP address Port – Specify the port number on which the RADIUS …
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Remote Desktop Gateway and ESA RADIUS
c. Enter the IP address of ESA RADIUS, which is the IP address of the host computer where ESA RADIUS component is installed, including the port number. Click Add. d. Define a desired shared secret, click OK. e. Click OK. Configuration of ESA 1. Log in to .
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RADIUS MAC Authentication
Accounting Port — Port number on which the RADIUS server listens for accounting requests. The default is 1813. Shared Secret — Shared secret for the RADIUS server. Click Save. Create a Pre-Authentication Role Profile The Pre-Authentication role profile
Configuring the Idaptive Connector for use as a RADIUS server
port. Packets Dropped The number of RADIUS packets received from this server on the authentication port and dropped for some other reason. show dot1x authentication-history [detail] Click Here to Expand the Output Definitions Term
Configure RADIUS third-party token support
Two-Factor Authentication Using RADIUS
port The authentication port on your RADIUS server. Use port_2, port_3, etc. to specify ports for the backup servers. Default:1812 pass_through_all If this option is set to true, all RADIUS attributes set by the primary authentication server will be copied into false