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QSS against mord is broken dont care what you say : …

Rank 3 Ultimate should have its CD instantly refunded if it is cleansed by QSS or a Champion ability. So if GP (or any Champ with QSS) wants to get away from Morde with Rank 3 Ult, they need to put some distance between themselves and Morde first before using their ability/QSS to leave the Death Realm, otherwise as soon as they do that Morde could just Ult them again.
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Can morde get an actual ult? His current ult is either broken or a waste of everyones time Between getting kited stunned or people just hoping over a wall. On top of QSS and other CC breaks just removing it You cant buff it, and there is nothing to nerf. Get rid of it
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Does Cleanse Work On Zed Ult?
 · QSS works on morde ult, not cleanse afaik QSS may work on zed ult, dunno This post was edited by Taxidermy on Jan 25 2013 11:59pm LMFAO #7 Jan 26 2013 12:00am Group: Member Posts: 43,868 Joined: Jan 2 2008 Gold: 2.61 Quote (HoldOn @ Jan 25

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In the early game as morde you want to harass your matchup out of lane if you are playing against hard cc you probably want to focus on csing unless jungle comes to help you. In the early game your passive gives you a ton of wiggle room to destroy your opponent in lane in combination with your W. Be careful as morde is more of a burst champ and has pretty long cooldowns in the early game
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Counter picking stats for Mordekaiser. Find Mordekaiser counters based on role and lane stats including win %, KDA, first bloods, healing, early lead, comeback ratio, counter kills and more for use during champion select. CounterStats: Counter Picking Statistics
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 · Mordekaiser Counter Pick The Best Mordekaiser Counter Picks in League of Legends for patch 11.7, Ranked Boost recommends these picks due to their win condition and abilities. Ranked Boost, LLC isn’t endorsed or sponsored by Riot Games and doesn’t reflect
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Darius Build Guide : [P A T C H 10.16]
Adaptive Helm! I’ve made the mistake a few too many times of not taking this item against singed or teemo or morde or whatever. QSS for morde ult. He might stop ulting you by late game, IDK lol. Don’t forget to take a control ward
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Sep 22, 2017 · QSS (Quantitative Social Science) Supplementary Materials for the book, Quantitative Social Science: An Introduction , published by Princeton University Press in 2017. It is also available for purchase at vendors like Amazon. The book is based on
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For the main article, see Crowd control. 1 Notes 2 Airborne 2.1 Knock aside 2.2 Knock back 2.3 Knock up 2.4 Pull 3 Blind 4 Cripple 5 Disarm 6 Disrupt 7 Forced action 7.1 Charm 7.2 Fear / Flee 7.3 Taunt 8 Ground 9 Kinematics 10 Knockdown 11 Nearsight 12
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fiora-ult and alpha strike do not make the target immune to damage, given the damage is set up, before the ability is initiated. it can also happen, that both are interrupted by something like ali’s pulverize or cho’s rupture – Vogel612 Apr 9 ’13 at 19:57
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Bom, aqui está uma relação de tudo que cancelam ou bloqueiam a ult do Mordekaiser: QSS – Cancela o círculo mas Mordekaiser mantém os status até o fim dos 7 segundos Limiar da Noite – Bloqueia a ultimate quando ativo Véu de Banshee – Bloqueia a ultimate
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garen vs mordekaiser

Phase rush + resolve runes and start dorans shield, Items: black cleaver, youmuu’s (to run away from him) deadmans plate (also run away) and then situational like adaptive helmet or randuins omen maybe a steraks. i’ve never done anything but stomp garen as mordekaiser. Always try to watch-out for his E. It’s on a long cd early and always punish him for using it. you’re doing the right
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 · corki is the easiest char to farm with except maybe midgame sion