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‘Occupied’: Homeland of Glass
One of the more interesting television series of the past decade is Occupied, an intelligent Norwegian nationalist political thriller now available on Netflix. It’s both an anti–European Union tribute to the Norwegian people and the near-utopian country they have built,
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 · 2 Comments on Saturday Review 16 – Occupied Occupied is a drama series which could best be classed as a political thriller. I started watching it because of a friend who likes the architecture – which is indeed very Scandinavian chic! But I stayed watching it
‘Occupied’ and ‘The Bureau’: Two Gripping European Thrillers - The New York Times
Great TV comes to Netflix: “Occupied,” and “Nobel”
 · By Bruce A. Smith For those who like well-written dramatic TV series with excellent production values, I recommend two recent additions at Netflix: “Occupied,” and “Nobel.” Both are made by Norwegian TV outfits, and both are sub-titled. But English is used as the
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Occupied, series 2, Sky Atlantic review
Occupied, series 2, Sky Atlantic review – political conflicts looking all too actual Jo Nesbo’s neo-Cold War drama of Russia vs the rest – aka truth vs lies – resumes Eight months have passed since the Russians invaded Norway in the first season of Jo Nesbo’s neo-Cold War thriller.
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 · Ah, Netflix. The streaming service has reached a near-ubiquitous status in our current culture, finding its way into more than 200 million homes around the world and driving discussion about TV on
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Fauda (Netflix) “I do not know what you have going on,“ Sonny Crockett (Colin Farrell) warns F.B.I Occupied Season 1 offers a stark lesson in what happens when democracy is trampled under
‘Occupied’ TV Series | Norway’s Political Thriller on Netflix | Netflix TV Shows Review

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Occupied Season 3 Episode Summaries, Episode Guide and TV Show Schedule Jesper is doing well in the election until rumours spread that he is responsible for Anita Rygh’s hug. He agrees to meet Sobol, unaware that Sobol has promised the Russians that
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The new Netflix series Borderliner is the perfect introduction to Scandinavian noir, which has otherwise failed to establish itself as trend on this side of the Atlantic, maybe because of recent
‘Occupied’ and ‘The Bureau’: Two Gripping European Thrillers - The New York Times

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 · Borgen is back: here’s why you should catch up before its Netflix return A new series of the Danish political drama is in development, and its depiction of government is in stark contrast to our
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Rita: How the hit Danish dramedy went global
 · Though Netflix doesn’t release viewership numbers, HighSpeedInternet.com used Google Trends data to determine the most popular shows in each country in …
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 · ?? THE RAIN ?? By Gina Meardon The Rain ~ Netflix S1-3; S1 x 8 episodes, S2 x 6 episodes, S3 x 6 episodes, run time 45 minutes. Drama/Sci-Fi/Thriller. Danish language with English subtitles (dubbing also available). Cert 15 U.K. The Rain is a Danish post
UN HR Council to review unconstitutional and inhumane actions by India in Occupied Kashmir | | iMedia92 and English News

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Netflix Review: Occupied Jo Nesbo’s first TV show, a Norwegian thriller about Russia occupying Norway with the EU’s backing is one which shouldn’t be missed, especially not for anyone deeply fascinated / horrified at the way the world is heading.
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Netflix’s Vir Das Outside in the Lockdown Special Review: 50 minutes, Raw and Candid Mrinalini Manda – December 18, 2020 0 Netflix’s Vir Das Outside In the Lockdown is a …
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‘Tigertail’ on Netflix: Film Review ‘Master of None’ producer Alan Yang reveals insights into his own upbringing, but falls short of fully capturing his immigrant father’s experience, in
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Netflix documentary focuses on the Brooklyn environment that created the Notorious B.I.G. and the people to the world that they occupied. My favorite bit of archival footage comes from a May