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MySQL IF ELSEIF in select query
select id, ( CASE WHEN qty_1 qty_1 && qty_2 qty_2 && qty_3 qty_3 THEN price_4 ELSE 1 END) AS total from product; This seems cleaner. I think you do
MySQL IF: 4 Examples to Understand Function and Statement
MySQL IF Statement and MySQL IF() Function
 · MySQL IF Statement and MySQL IF() Function Yusuf SEZER April 21, 2020 MySQL-MariaDB The article contains information about MYSQL IF Statement, ELSEIF Statement and ELSE STATEMENT used to direct the command flow by condition in the MySQL VTY system.
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Learn MySQL: Control Flow functions

An overview of MySQL CASE expression The CASE statement is one of the most common control flow expressions of MySQL. The case expression is used to implement the IF ELSE logic in the query. The CASE expression can be used in the SELECT
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mysql> SELECT IFNULL(NULL,10); -> 10 mysql> SELECT IFNULL(1/0,10); -> 10 mysql> SELECT IFNULL(1/0,’yes’); -> ‘yes’ IFNULL(expr1,expr2) 的默認結果值為兩個表達式中更加“通用”的一個,「あり」の文言に変換して返したい場合
sql - MySQL INSERT with SELECT UNION gives syntax error - Stack Overflow
Mysql trigger to update if date match and insert if no match all BEFORE INSERT 0 if exists, update else insert, with cursors in stored procedures only returns 1 row
,順序為STRING, param1の返り値が0または1の場合に「なし」, REAL或 INTEGER 。 IF ELSE 做為流程控制
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SQL IF ELSE Statement
MySQL SQL IF ELSE The SQL If Else statement is one of the most useful decision -making statements. SQL If statement will test the condition first, and depending upon …
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MySQL: Using IF in a WHERE clause (Example)

The MySql IF statement works like this:IF(, , ) In the following example, the first query would return 1 and the second 0:SELECT IF( ‘a’ = ‘a’, 1, 0 ); SELECT IF( ‘a’ = ‘b’, 1, 0 ); The example below shows how to use the IF statement in a WHERE query:
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How to use SQL IF..ELSE..BEGIN and END statement [5 …

You can see, inside the ELSE statement, the BEGIN keyword is used where another IF statement is placed (the nested IF). This is terminated by using the END keyword. There, we placed another condition to check. Try different values for the @table_name variable by your own table names and replace in the SELECT statement as well for experiencing it yourself.
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MySQL: Is it possible to have an IF subquery?
SELECT t1.* ,CASE WHEN t1.tin > 0 THEN ELSE 0 END ,t2.productname ,t2.imagepath FROM cartitems AS t1 JOIN products AS t2 ON t1.productid = LEFT JOIN special_packaging sp ON = t1.tin WHERE t1.cartid = 8
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Insert into a MySQL table or update if exists – …

MySQL Insert or Update if exists without primary key In all the above examples, we worked on the data which had inserts and updates based on the primary key. What if I would like to check if a field that is not a primary key exists or not and would like to update or
Mysql case when then else example
SELECT *, CASE WHEN (lang = ‘en’ and id_not_unique = 2) THEN 1 WHEN (lang = ‘ru’ and id_not_unique = 2) THEN 1 END AS `row` from __test_if_else; В примерах указал только один идентификатор, на деле их множество.
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PHP IF statement in mysql query
I have a database with 2 tables that I need to access/potentially modify. One table has a list of products (table name “product”), and information for each. The other
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PHP MySQL Select Data With WHERE Clause

Select and Filter Data From a MySQL Database The WHERE clause is used to filter records. The WHERE clause is used to extract only those records that fulfill a specified condition. Select and Filter Data With MySQLi The following example selects the id
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[Mysql] SQLでif文を使う
 · mysqlでcase 文を記述した場合 CASE WHEN param1 = 0 THEN ‘なし’ WHEN param1 = 1 THEN ‘あり’ ELSE null END 例