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還供應勃起組織erectile bodies (請參照Pelvis & Perineum的 Anal Trianlge 及Lower Limb的 Gluteus
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Internal pudendal artery
Arterial vascularization of the penis in the rabbit was demonstrated to be supplied by the penile artery wich arised from the internal pudendal artery which possessed two branches such as the deep artery of the penis, the dorsal artery of the penis, whereas the ramus praeputialis arised from the external pudendal artery and blood drainage from the penis is done by external pudendal vein and
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Click here for Pudendal artery pictures! You can also find pictures of internal pudendal artery, superficial external pudendal artery. F IG. 542 The superficial branches of the internal Pudendal artery.. ( See enlarged image ) F IG. 543 The deeper branches of the internal Pudendal artery..
Drawings of The green arrow. together with the pudendal nerve and internal pudendal artery. passes through the lesser sciatic foramen into the ...
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,下孖肌(Inferior gemellus
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The internal pudendal artery has numerous branches including the artery of the bulb of the penis immediately before the urethral and the dorsal artery of the penis more distally. Urethral artery Diagram of the arteries of the penis. Details Source internal pudendal []
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 · Internal pudendal artery: it arises just inferior to the origin of the obturator artery and descends laterally towards the greater sciatic foramen. Within the pelvis, it crosses the piriformis muscle, the inferior gluteal artery and the sacral plexus. In the gluteal region,
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 · Bulbourethral artery These arteries are all branches of the internal pudendal artery. This vessel arises from the anterior division of the internal iliac artery. Venous blood is drained from the penis by paired veins. The cavernous spaces are drained by the deep dorsal
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Internal pudendal vein
The internal pudendal veins are the set of accompanying veins to the internal pudendal artery draining the perineal region to empty into the internal iliac vein. Gross Anatomy Tributaries inferior rectal veins males penile bulb and scrotum vein females clitoris and
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內陰動脈internal pudendal artery往後由坐骨大孔greater sciatic foramen離開骨盆但是立即由坐骨小孔lesser sciatic foramen回來並進入陰部管pudendal canal到達會陰。 此動脈為會陰最主要的血管,83%Sciatic nerve是從Piriformis的下方穿出來後向下走在上孖肌(Superior gemellus),Pudendal definition/meaning


Internal pudendal artery Artery: Internal pudendal artery Left gluteal region, showing surface markings for arteries and sciatic nerve. The superficial Path It exits the pelvic cavity through the greater sciatic foramen to enter the gluteal region.It then curves around the
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Internal Pudendal Artery The internal pudendal artery is the artery of the perineum and male external genitalia (Figs. 1 – 4 and 6). It originates from the anterior division of the IIA and follows a downward and outward trajectory, exiting the pelvis under the superior
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 · PDF 檔案Common anterior gluteal–pudendal trunk bifurcates into internal pudendal artery (thin white arrow) and inferior gluteal artery (thick white arrow). Thick black arrow indicates obturator artery arising from superior gluteal artery (posterior division). Fig. 2—57-year-old
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 · PDF 檔案internal pudendal artery was performed with infusion of gelatin sponge until complete embolization of the lesion. After embolization, control angiograms showed no evi-dence of AVM or contrast extravasation while the peri-neal blood flow remained sufficient (Figure
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Internal pudendal artery
Internal pudendal artery – Arteria pudenda interna Anatomical hierarchy General terms > Angiology > Arteries > Aorta > Abdominal aorta > Internal iliac artery > Internal pudendal artery
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The visceral branch, internal pudendal artery, sends a branch to cranial viscera (prostatic/vaginal artery) and terminates in caudal viscera (caudal rectal artery and artery to the penis/clitoris). The wall branch, caudal gluteal artery , ends in the rump after giving off two branches that loop around the ilium.
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gluteal vein),陰部內動脈(internal pudendal artery),閉孔內肌,靜脈(internal pudendal vein),除了供應肛門,會陰的肌肉及皮膚外,陰部神經(pudendal nerve)經過。正常情況下