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Idunn is a fictional character appearing in the Marvel Comics Marvel Universe, based loosely on the Iðunn of Norse myth. Odin appointed Idunn Keeper of the Golden Apples, whose mystical properties retard the aging process of the Asgardians. Publication history
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 · Idunn is the only Asgardian who can pick golden apples that give the Asgardians their immortality. Without them, the Asgardians will age and die, which has nearly happened on more than one occasion. No one has mentioned Idunn in the MCU, although it wouldn’t be too difficult to introduce her.
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Idunn’s Apple Pie A Marvel 616 fic by Andrew Joshua Talon DISCLAIMER: Ain’t mine. It was a quaint little Clapboard Federal home in Brooklyn, in the neighborhood of Gravesend. Well kept, well maintained, with a charming flower garden in the front and several It
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Idunn’s apples can be seen as a symbol representing strength, youth, love, gratitude and eternal hope. It was funny how a simple fruit could represent so much to one yet something completely different to …
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Idunn and Amora are two very different characters. One is a minor secondary character that appears from time to time, the other is a serial troublemaker. Asgardian 04:54, 3 July 2009 (UTC) Thats what I thought, removing reference to Idunn. -TriiipleThreat
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Iðunn (anglicizzato in Idun) è una dea della mitologia norrena. Appartenente alla stirpe degli Æsir, moglie del dio della poesia Bragi, a Iðunn è attribuito il possesso dei frutti miracolosi dei quali gli Dèi si nutrono per mantenersi giovani e vigorosi Iðunn appare verosimilmente come una dea della fecondità, simile in …
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Golden Apples of Idunn
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Comics Marvel Follow/Fav Idunn’s Apple Pie By: Andrew Joshua Talon The Red Skull has tracked down not just Steve Rogers’ home, but his new wife and child. He plans to take his revenge
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Immortality Bestowal
The Golden Apples of Idunn (Marvel Comics) give youth, vigor, and virtual immortality. As punishment for her actions, The Gods of Light and Darkness (RWBY) cursed Salem with immortality. As the latest Divine Heir of the Dragon’s Heritage, Kuro (Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice) can share his immorality with another individual through an Immortal Oath,
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Se suponía que nos protegerías. ¡Asgard debía protegernos!””Asgard fue destruido.Eitri y Thor Eitri es el rey de los Enanos, una antigua raza de hábiles falsificadores y herreros que provienen del reino de Nidavellir, y el último superviviente. 1 Biografía 1.1
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Comics Marvel Follow/Fav Idunn’s Apple Pie By: Andrew Joshua Talon The Red Skull has tracked down not just Steve Rogers’ home, but his new wife and child. He plans to take his revenge