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Hai Van Pass
The Vietnamese name Đèo Hải Vân means “ocean cloud pass” as the area traditionally gets a lot of ocean mist and fog making the visibility on the pass poor. However a ‘lower route’ was created in 2005, the Hải Vân Tunnel—the longest tunnel in Southeast Asia—offers an alternative road across the pass, reducing travel times by at least an hour.
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Hải Vân Tunnel
The Hải Vân Tunnel, the longest tunnel in Southeast Asia at 6.28 km (3.90 mi), lies on Highway 1 between the two cities of Da Nang and Huế in central Vietnam.Overview Location Between Huế and Đà NẵngRoute Highway 1 Operation Work begun 2000 Opened
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 · The 2008 Christmas Special of Top Gear, irritating as the programme may be, had drawn our attention to a winding mountain road called the Hải Vân Pass. The mountain pass was superseded by a tunnel a few years ago, meaning the route is quiet, and ideal for
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 · We passed through safely and began our ascent up the Hải Vân Pass (“ocean cloud pass”) – a stunning mountain pass overlooking the South China Sea, with not a single Top Gear presenter in sight. – this is where they did one of their things, you know, where
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Hai Van Pass, Vietnam
Đèo Hải Vân on Truong Son Range or Hai Van Pass translates to ocean or sea cloud pass. This was my next stop travelling with a camera, the Nikon again today. The pass spans 21km and is part of the National Route 1A and is 30 kms north of Danang City.
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* Hải Vân Pass The mountains that run along the Laos border jut out into the sea between Huế and Đà Nẵng. Here, the road climbs up into the clouds, with twists and turns and views you’ll never forget. In a country known for its motorbike routes, the Hải Vân Pass
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Club Winner Hải Vân Pass, Đà Nẵng. 656 likes. CLUB WINNER HẢI VÂN PASS Lần đầu tiên Honda ra mắt chương trình thành viên cho anh em đi xe WINNER để kết nối các CLB trên khắp cả nước.
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Hill 724
Hill 724 is a former U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) base near the summit of the Hải Vân Pass north of Da Nang in central Vietnam.1 On 7 February 1965, following the Attack on Camp Holloway, US President Lyndon B. Johnson ordered retaliatory airstrikes against

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Col de Hải Vân Vue du col. Altitude 496 m Massif Cordillère annamitique Coordonnées 16 11′ 15″ nord, 108 07′ 51″ est Pays Viêt Nam Vallée Baie de Lăng Cô (nord) Baie de Đà Nẵng (sud) Ascension depuis Lăng Cô (en) Đà Nẵng Accès Route nationale 1A
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Cả Pass
The Cả pass (Đèo Cả) is a mountain pass in Phú Yên Province, Vietnam. The mountains are known as the Cả pass mountains (núi Cả Đèo). Historically the Cả Pass was the second most difficult col in Vietnam after Hải Vân Pass.[1] In 1611, the Nguyen pushed their border down to Cả Pass.[2] The pass is also known as Đèo Cục
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HAI VAN PASS is not the longest route but the most famous mountain pass in Central Vietnam between Hue and Hoi An, Da Nang.Đèo Hải Vân – Ocean Mist Pass is scenic route by East Sea and also a border of Hue and Da Nang.And Hai Van Pass also near Lang Co Bay, Bach Ma National park..
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It is situated in the urban district of Liên Chiểu that includes beautiful Da Nang Bay waterfronts and the famous Hải Vân Pass, a scenic mountain pass. To find more about this tourist capital in South Central Vietnam, see our map down the page.
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 · The Hải Vân Pass is one of the most beautiful locations in Vietnam; its curvy roads veer away from the coast and into the mountains. The pass connects two cities, Da Nang and Huế, and played a crucial role during the Vietnam War by allowing the Viet Cong to transport food and weapons from one end of Vietnam to the other. . Travelers can set up camp at the top of the pass near the Hải Vân
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A little north of the city of Danang central Vietnam is the Hải Vân Pass. It is about 21 km long and stretches through the mountains on the 1A national route. It is part of the larger mountain range known as “Annamite Range” and stretches along border the near
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