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80 – 100% 負電壓差- dV自動斷電功能 防過熱保護功能 自動電壓 100 – 240V
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Eneloop (Japanese: エネループ, Hepburn: Enerūpu) (stylized as eneloop) is a brand of 1.2-volt low self-discharge nickel–metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries and accessories developed by Sanyo (later acquired by Panasonic), introduced in 2005. Eneloop cells lose their charge much more slowly than the 0.5–4% per day loss by older-technology NiMH batteries, retaining about 85% of
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pPanasonic eneloop AA Charger + 4 AA 2000mAh Rechargeable Batteries K-KJ17MCA4BA | eBay
eneloop pro 500 cycle, 4-Pack AAA, High Capacity Ni-MH Pre-charged Rechargeable Batteries Price † $ 27.99 KKJ17KHCA4A eneloop pro Battery Charger with 500 cycle, 4-Pack AA Ni-MH Pre-charged Rechargeable Batteries
Panasonic Eneloop USB Charger incl. 4x AA 1900mAh | Akkus & Charger | EVEVO
Panasonic Eneloop 快速充電器連AA電四粒
Panasonic 松下 快速充電器 BQ-CC55H AA 或AAA 0.75 – 4小時*充電時間 可充 1 – 4 粒 AA 或 1 – 4 粒 AAA 4組獨立管道及 4 x LED燈號顯示 負電壓差- dV自動斷電功能 防過熱保護功能 自動電壓 100 – 240V * 實際充電時間會因應環境或剩餘電量而有所不同
Panasonic ENELOOP Quick Battery Charger for AA and AAA K-KJ55MCC4TA

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Eneloop NiMH AA Battery Charger with EUplug Battery Sizes Charged AA Number of Batteries Charged 4 Chemistries Charged NiMH Plug Type EU Batteries Included Yes See similar products in Battery Chargers RS stock no. 117-6043 Brand Eneloop R 93
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 · PDF 檔案Eneloop charger blinking green By Alicia Bodine Sanyo makes Eneloop batteries that are rechargeable. Each Eneloop battery can be used up to 1,500 times. This reduces the amount of batteries that end up in landfills. Eneloop batteries also last four times longer
Eneloop 4-Bay Charger with 4 x 800mAh AAA Batteries
K-KJ55MC40M2 Eneloop Charger Smart & Quick
eneloop Premium Charger • 3 LED Colors Indicate Charge Progress, Battery Status, and Battery Life • Features Battery Life Checker (Rapid Flashes at End of Life) • Charges 2 x AA Cells in 1.5 Hours • Accepts 4 x AA or 4 x AAA • Weight: 120
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The eneloop battery charger offers you the possibility to charge up to 8 rechargeable batteries at the same time, but also only single batteries. An extremely protective charging of the batteries is guaranteed by the premium overcharge protection of the device.
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 · For Eneloop batteries, and other LSD (Low Self Discharge) batteries, it is critical that the charger has no trickle charge, or I have to remove the batteries quickly after charging. I have ruined a couple of Eneloop batteries by leaving them in the charger for a week on trickle charge, in an otherwise smart and quality charger of Ansmann Powerline 4 Pro.
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Panasonic Eneloop compact micro USB charger for 2 AA/AAA Ni-MH batteries, with micro USB cable and 2 eneloop AA/Mignon batteries, min 1900 mAh, 2100-charge cycle life 3.4 out of 5 stars 4 £15.46
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Shop for eneloop batteries at Best Buy. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. Top comment “Last a long timeBest you can getHighly recommend eneloop batteries and their charger is great as well, Charger lets you charge one battery at a time, rather than 2 together, This gives each a battery a better chargeI bought these and a pack of Energizer 2300
,但從和舊有產品一樣皆使用插頭進行充電來看,0 – 20% 黃色, 紅色,雖然對於乾電池的廃棄量與電池原材料的減少和節約有益處,於2006年11月21日開始販售。 原本eneloop的設計理念就是需考慮對環境的影響,20 – 80% 綠色,但對於節省電力 …
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Eneloop Charger K-KJ51MC40M2 Basic
Eneloop Charger K-KJ51MC40M2 Basic • K-KJ51MC40M2 • Panasonic eneloop Basic Charger 10H – 4 Cell • Charging Time: Approx. 10 Hours (eneloop AA) • Dimensions: 66 (W) x 108 (L) x 27.5 (H) mm
Panasonic eneloop battery charger BQ-CC18 + 4x750 - Universal chargers - Photopoint

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The Panasonic CC55, 4-position Ni-MH rechargeable battery charger is designed to charge your eneloop and eneloop pro batteries quickly, safely, and efficiently. Four fully drained eneloop AA or AAA batteries can be completely recharged in approximately 3 hours (1-2 AA / AAA in 1.5 hours), and 4 AA (fully discharged) eneloop pro Ni-MH batteries in approximately 4 hours (1-2 AA / AAA in 2 hours).
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Eneloop Solar Charger Product code: N-SC1AS / N-SC1S Solar panel that charges your AA and AAA batteries. There is a built-in lithium battery. Charges 1-2 AA in 150 minutes or 3-4 AA in 300 minutes. It also has a USB port to charge your mobile phone and
Panasonic Eneloop Basic Charger + 4 AA Rechargeable 1900 mAh batteries BQ-CC51E 5410853056683 | eBay
附eneloop pro AA充電池2,550mAh x 4粒 1.5 – 4小時*充電時間 可充 1 – 4 粒 AA 或 1 – 4 粒 AAA 4組獨立管道 LED電量指示,Panasonic eneloop Quick Charger with 4 AA Rechargeable Batteries – LightJunction
eneloop solar charger 以使用太陽能發電來對eneloop產品進行充電為目的而在充電器上加裝太陽能板