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What does contextual mean?
Definition of contextual in the dictionary. Meaning of contextual. What does contextual mean? Information and translations of contextual in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
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contextual – Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions Principal Translations Inglés Español contextual adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun–for example, “a tall girl,” “an interesting book,” “a big house.” (depending on context) contextual adj mf adjetivo de una sola terminación: Adjetivos de una sola terminación en singular (“amable”, “constante”) pero que sí
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Definición de contextual en el Diccionario de español en línea. Significado de contextual diccionario. traducir contextual significado contextual traducción de contextual Sinónimos de contextual, antónimos de contextual. Información sobre contextual en el
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Create custom contextual tabs in Office Add-ins
Create custom contextual tabs in Office Add-ins (preview) 01/29/2021 17 minutes to read o l R d In this article A contextual tab is a hidden tab control in the Office ribbon that is displayed in the tab row when a specified event occurs in the Office document. For
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 · Contextual marketing is a powerful tool for the correct placement of advertising. However, you still need to be able to create effective advertisements, and arrange for purchasing them. A marketing school has classes and programs to help you develop both skills.
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Contextual Done Right
Contextual done right is Advanced Contextual. The cookieless, precise, scaled, pervasive, brand-safe, & efficient solution for brands, publishers, platforms, & data owners. Context is a powerful way to understand and identify your customers. Our mission at
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Contextual menus should not be triggered by icons that could be mistaken for main navigation or app Settings. Avoid using gear icons or hamburger-menu icons to represent contextual menus. Users have come to recognize these as elements that trigger global menus and settings, rather than narrower, task-focused commands .
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Contextual Advertising Definition
 · Contextual advertising refers to an automated process where a promotional message is matched to relevant digital content. The algorithms underpinning contextual advertising select the
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Beyond Usability Testing: Contextual Inquiry
The contextual inquiry research method could be less potent in two cases. The first one concerns observing behaviors that have very little room for variation. This is true for very simplistic flows. An example would be spending time on testing “sign up” and “sign-in
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 · PDF 檔案Contextual Priming for Object Detection 171 (a) (b) Figure 2.In presence of image degradation (e.g. blur), object recognition is strongly influenced by contextual information. Recognition makes assumptions regarding object identities based on its size and location in
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contextual Significado de Contextual adjetivo Que se pode referir a contexto. Que é dependente do contexto; que varia de acordo com a situação ou circunstância: expressão de significação contextual. Etimologia (origem da palavra contextual).Do latim contexto
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 · Contextual factors involve information that learners encounter in the learning context, such as feedback about prior strategies and examples of alternative strategies. Individual factors involve the abilities, dispositions, and knowledge that learners bring to the learning context.
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Engaging Subscribers with Contextual Emails
Contextual email marketing is about creating engaging email content and sending it to the right subscriber at the right time. Read on to learn more. There’s no denying it: content marketing is having a huge moment right now. Business owners and bloggers across
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Contextual Outlook add-ins – Office Add-ins
Contextual add-ins are Outlook add-ins that activate based on text in a message or appointment. By using contextual add-ins, a user can initiate tasks related to a message without leaving the message itself, which results in an easier and richer user experience.
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Keyword contextual targeting
Contextual targeting is used to match keyword-targeted ads (also referred to as automatic placements) to sites within the Google Display Network. This form of targeting better suits advertisers focused on performance and cost-efficient conversions since ads will provide useful information to readers and attract an audience with an established interest in your message.